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Direct Group Advertising Agency.


Direct Storm 2011 brings together some of the world most powerful direct marketing minds, creative thinkers, trendsetters and agency leaders. All in one place. All in Tallinn.

Direct Storm 2011 is not your typical marketing conference. Far from it. Here, our hope and our goal is to provide a venue where leading marketers and creative thinkers alike get to share not only their experience, but also, more importantly, their ideas, inspiration and many mind blowing real life case studies that can be easily adapted for your use!

It’s time to re-focus on the consumer mind-set. New channels have empowered them like never before, making a customer-centric strategy more important now than ever.

Join Estonian Post, EMOR TNS, Direct Group Advertising Agency and members of InterDirect Network on May 11th, 2011 and you’ll learn from people who are embracing the new reality of today’s consumer on topics such as:

  • How to optimize mail in the direct marketing mix?
  • Does mail still have a significant role in our online world?
  • How to learn more about your clients by using new clever marketing tools?
  • How do you win the approval of the world's most demanding judges for your direct response campaign?
  • How far can you push the envelope – DM printing and production possibilities?
  • How can we integrate direct mail with other channels?
  • What’s the next big thing in direct marketing?

Speakers are leaders from some of the industries major players such as Estonian Post, TNS EMOR, InterDirect Network agencies Dialogue (Ireland), 5th Dimension (South Africa) and Itella Connexions (Russian Federation) and many others.



You can expect to be wowed. Plain and simple. Plus you’ll get to meet some pretty interesting folks — including forward thinking direct marketers and the who’s who of the creative industry. This is a unique opportunity to participate, share, contribute, and basically be part of a greater collective.


whatDirect Storm 2011 will be in town soon and this means only one thing - it’s time to face the music!

Direct Storm is all about uncovering new insights, brilliant ideas, creative ways of thinking and yes, it’s also about all the old mediums, which will be challenged to the extremes. And last but not least - it’s meant to bring us an insight to inspire and rev up all the creative engines inside us.

Direct Storm has something in sleeve for everyone. Especially for those whos life and work are related to direct marketing, dialogue marketing or advertising in general. Direct Storm really is all about things that are hip and active, not down and passive.

Good news! All the conference presentations are now available right here on our webpage! Just download and share the true essence of direct marketing with your friends and colleagues! As easy as pie!


Our seven streams are wrapped up in nice, neat little convenient packages, and one thing’s for sure: you won’t get bored while you’re here.

Stream One

Opening words by Aavo Kärmas and Reio Soosaar from Estonian Post / Postal innovation and new tools / 9.00 – 10.00

You’d like to know more about your clients, their behaviour and patterns... Well, now you can, because Estonian Post is about to present you one of their brand new direct marketing tools called Geo-Positioning, which helps you to see where your clients really come from and go to. In addition, Reio Soosaar from Estonian Post will provide you with the latest direct marketing trends, insights and case studies, which reflect the one fact that every marketer should keep in mind – direct marketing is the only medium in the world, which can effect all five senses, if it’s done correctly.

Coffee break

Stream Two

Invitation to Inspiration by Des Columb & Michael Killeen / 10.25 – 11.25

Get the inside track on campaigns that wowed the marketing world in 2010 How do you win the approval of the world's most demanding judges for your direct response campaign? Easy - combine mind-blowing creativity and innovation with seriously impressive results.

In association with The Marketing Institute of Ireland, Winspiration 2011 will introduce you to wildly successful, innovative and awarded international work from various creative hotspots worldwide. In a fast-moving 60 minutes, Dialogue's Des Columb and Michael Killeen will give you the inside story - and relay insights from both the creators and clients - of how the campaigns achieved real cut-through. This will get you fired up with the inspiration needed to win big on the local and world stage.

A short break for catching a breath and making important phone calls.

Stream Three

Facts and figures by EMOR / 11.45 – 12.45

The media advertising market is not some autonomous component which stands separate from the rest of our world. And it's not some smoke & mirrors science. Quite the opposite - it's a part of a bigger picture and it's ups and downs can be easily characterized by selection of trends which have the same logic function as trends we see in the consumer market and other economic indicators. Külli will give us a detailed overview about the current state of our local media market which is making it's first normal steps after coming out of the so-called credit crunch. Külli will also give us an update about all the facts which should be taken in consideration when buying or selling media in this post-reseccion time. The audience has a chance to look at a variety of media types and see their adjustment process to post-crisis state of market. And last but not least, Külli will compare local media trends with global facts and figures.

Lunch break / 12.45 – 13.15

Stream Four

The role of mail in Direct Marketing and how to optimise it by Keith Wiser / 13.15 – 14.25

The question has to be asked. In a world that has gone digitally mad ... does direct mail have a future? In this fast paced presentation not only does Keith make a compelling case that it certainly does, he also provides numerous hints – supported by real life examples – of how to make it work, generate better results and earn more money out of it. It has many international case studies and also touches on techniques like GIS, eye-tracking studies etc.

A short break

Stream Five

That’s great, but how can I do it? / Sisäsoumi & Sem Schubak / 14.35 – 15.15

How crazy can I go with my mailings? if I want to send out a nicely wrapped package with a newspaper, some ground coffee, a DVD and a chocolate bar, then is it possible to fit all that into a standard mailbox? But if I need a custom made mailing with one end that will stick out of my clients mailbox and other end that will lightly glow in the dark, then can I possibly do it? Well, you can! And Sem Schubak proves that nowadays pretty much everything is possible and there's always a easy solution for all your brilliant direct mail ideas.

A short break

Stream Six

Audi case study by Alexei Kruzhkov / 15.20 – 16.20

Alexei’s (Itella Connexions) presentation is based on a case study of a trigger-marketing campaign that Itella Connexions developed for Audi Russia. This project was voted best in its category and received the Black Belt in interactive communications (web, SMS, e-mail, iVR, DRTV) and was voted third best in Integrated DM Projects at the 2010 Ukrainian direct marketing awards show Direct Hit.

A short break

Stream Seven

Direct Internet: How to measure everything and grow your lists / Priit Kallas / 16.25 – 17.15

Priit Kallas is a founder and creative director ofDreamGrow Digital – one of the largest e-marketing companies in the country. And thanks to his experience in that field, he knows darn well how to make direct marketing happen in different online channels. And yes, if you want to start chopping your way towards your customers in this enormus digital jungle, then Priit is probably the best choice to be your tour guide. And this tourbegins in our conference!

Closing of conference / meet & greet the presenters / the lucky winner of the iPad drawing will be announced / 17.15 – 18.00


The Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel is a modern business class hotel where conferences can be combined with relaxation in the luxurious Aqua Spa complex and gourmet conference dinners in the hotel's colourful Nero restaurant.

The modern Conference Centre that consists of 6 conference halls is located on the second floor of the hotel. The largest theatre-style hall in the conference centre has room for 263 guests.

Conference equipment, air conditioning and free WiFi are available in all halls.

For more detailed information about the location, please contact the Tallink Hotels Booking Centre

Tel: +372 630 1000
Fax: +372 630 1010




on May 11th, 2011


Bear in mind – registering to our conference gives you a unique chance to win a legendary Apple iPad tablet computer. So sign up, get close and personal with the best in direct marketing and walk away with the most desirable tablet in the world!

Price – 147 € per person (excl. VAT)

NB! The language of the conference is mainly English, although some presenters speak Estonian! The event organizers will provide simultaneous translation service if needed!

For more detailed information write us at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Or give us a phone call (+372) 625 72 43

List of participants:

  • Pieter van den Busken / Executive Chairman / InterDirect Network
  • Mari-Liis Laaniste / Otseturundusjuht / Swedbank AS
  • Eveli Verner / CVM project manager / Swedbank AS
  • Ingrid Mitt / PR Officer / Eesti Pank
  • Reta Lepp / Marketing Manager / Anttila AS
  • Aivo Pidim / Purchasing Manager / Anttila AS
  • Madli Nõmmik / Marketing & HR Manager / Itella Information AS
  • Adina Rooba / Product Manager / Itella Information AS
  • Marii-Olivia Kõrm / Turundusjuht / Tellimiskeskus OÜ
  • Tarmo Tank / Must OÜ
  • Juta Kuhlberg / Ettevõtluskonsultant / Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus
  • Tiit Tippel / Joon OÜ
  • Elvis Lillevälja / PlanetSport
  • Cathlin Tohver / Koostöösuhete juht / SOS Lasteküla Eesti Ühing
  • Kaspar Rohtla / Edasimüügi juht / Elisa Eesti AS
  • Martin Bahovski / Ärikliendiosakonna juht / Elisa Eesti AS
  • Mikk Orglaan / CEO / MIKARE NET
  • Majgrit Kallavus / Turundusjuht / Diivaniparadiis
  • Ann Silfverhielm / Marketing Manager / Viasat AS
  • Kristiina Andresson / Jaekaubandusjuht / Tehnikatäht OÜ
  • Terje Henriksen / Sales Director / Lindorff Eesti AS
  • Helen Shakarashvili / Marketing specialist / Lindorff Eesti AS
  • Marko Tamme / Ühinenud Ajakirjad AS
  • Erkki Lumisalu / Ühinenud Ajalehed AS
  • Ühinenud Ajalehed AS
  • Maarek Järvsoo / Postimees AS
  • Kerli Kõiv / Marketing Coordinator / Premier Restaurants Eesti AS
  • Ines Karu / Emahool OÜ
  • Kaarel Talvoja / Turundusjuht / Amserv Grupi AS
  • Mateusz Melka / DB&D Ltd
  • Jaak Unt / Printrade OÜ
  • Posten Sverige AB
  • Posten Sverige AB
  • Margus Ross / Büroomaailm
  • Kaupo Tiitus / Divisionijuht / Müügimeistrite AS
  • Maarja Laasu / Project Manager / Best Marketing International
  • Anders Naslund / Managing Director / Boomerang Distribution OÜ
  • Ilja Ivankovitch / Project Manager / Boomerang Distribution OÜ
  • Alice Vergi / Sales Manager / Boomerang Distribution OÜ
  • Leelo Arumäe / Turundusjuht / Koduekstra OÜ
  • Hannes Unt / Turunduskratt OÜ
  • Tuuli Vahtra / Turundusassistent / Eesti Tarbijateühistute Keskühistu
  • Priit Treial / Finantsjuht / Elene.ee OÜ
  • Veronika Padar / Müügijuht / Express Post
  • Märt Aab / Logistics director / Baltika
  • Jaanika Terasmaa / Baltika group AS
  • Rene Paats / Äriperspektiivide osakonna juhataja / Maxima Eesti OÜ
  • Olga Kulikova / Müügiedendamisüksuse juhataja / Maxima Eesti OÜ
  • Monika Vilu / Turundusjuht / Euroapteek OÜ
  • Harry Tenno / Tegevdirektor / Handymann Concept OÜ
  • Kristel Seer / Turundusjuht / ABC Grupp
  • Doris Vellend / Turundusjuht / Põhjakeskus
  • Sigre Parm / Turundusjuht / Bauhof
  • Riina Hokkonen / Turundusprojektijuht / Deal24
  • Liina Kivimägi / Turundusjuht / ONOFF AS
  • Tiia Ilves / Juhatuse esimees / Evelekt AS
  • Rain Väät / Turundusjuht / Äripäev AS
  • Jaan Põrk / Juhatuse liige / Optiline Grupp OÜ
  • Oleg Krivenko / Direktor / V.G.A. Kaubanduse AS
  • Marju Lehtmets / Projektijuht / Joon OÜ
  • Ago Kärema / Sales Manager / Krediidiinfo AS
  • Dmitry Gubenko / Manage director / Posti / Ukraine
  • Victor Tembo / Director / Post LT / Lithuania
  • Eduard Stogov / Sales and Marketing / City24
  • Kristo Mäe / Avalike suhete projektijuht / Statistikaamet



Keith is generally acknowledged as the father of direct marketing in South having founded the country’s first direct marketing agency in 1981. But don’t let that fool you. He remains at the cutting edge of direct through his agency’s daily interactions with South African clients like Ellerines (the country’s largest furniture retailer) and Edgars (the country’s largest clothing retailer) as well as international clients like Nestle, Unilever, Estee Lauder, Deloitte and Siemens.

He served on the board of the South African DMA for many years and has been a senior judge at the Assegai (Direct Marketing) Awards since their inception 10 years ago. Keith is an author of direct marketing bible – “My Way - A Global Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future of Direct Marketing”

In 2008 he was voted Direct Marketer of the Year. In 2009 he was inducted into the DMA Hall of Fame. In 2010 he was featured in “Profiles in Marketing Excellence” that was published in the USA.

He is regular writer for publications in South Africa, the UK and the United States.





A graduate of Marquette University USA and the Marketing Institute of Ireland, Michael has spent 20 years in Direct Marketing, 10 based in USA.

In 1991 he set up the award-winning direct marketing unit in Dimension. He founded Dialogue in 1994 and is currently Managing Director.

Michael is Chairman of the International John Caples Awards programme for Ireland. Michael is also the current Chairman of the InterDirect Network, a global independent agency group. He is also on the Board of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and was awarded their fellowship in 2008.

Michael is an active member of the DMA in the USA as well as the Irish Direct Marketing Association. Michael has both judged and won all the major international DM ward programmes during his career. He regularly writes and speaks at events and for many international Marketing magazines.





Des is Creative Director of Dialogue and has a huge amount of Direct Marketing experience acquired in the UK and Ireland over 20 years.

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Des worked with some of the UK’s most respected agencies on clients such as American Express, Comic Relief, Children in Need, Vauxhall Motors, Sky TV and Gatwick Airport.

Des joined Dialogue in 1996 as Creative Director and has been responsible for developing numerous International award-winning campaigns for clients such as An Post (the Irish Postal Service), Aer Lingus, Bank of Ireland, Microsoft, ESB (national electricity supply company), MBNA credit cards and many others.

While he specializes in developing creative concepts and copywriting, Des also writes regularly on marketing matters in both online and offline media. Over the years, he has spoken about creative issues at many high-profile conferences in countries as varied as USA, Canada, Austria, Romania and Kazakhstan.

Des was the recipient of the coveted top ‘Creative Director’ accolade winning the Best of Show award in the International Caples in 2000.





Alexei has been in advertising since the late 90’s and has worked his way up like a rocket. He started as a marketing assistant, then tried some copywriting, concept development and even proved to be an excellent strategist. Then he founded and managed a successful direct marketing agency and 9 years later sold it to a strategic investor with a mission to build a most successful Russian direct marketing powerhouse. By today, this mission is completed and Alexei works currently as a General Director at Itella Connexions – the biggest player in the field of Russian direct marketing sector.





Reio Soosaar is currently responsible for keeping up and rising of all the sales numbers in Estonian Post infologistics division. Throughout the past years, he has been up, close and personal with direct marketing challenges, when working as a head of marketing department in major retail chains such as Maksimarket, Konsum and A&O. So if you are looking for someone, who has seen direct marketing from all sides and angles, then this is the man who has a lot to share with you.




Külli Esko is a graduate of the Tartu University. She has studied in the faculty of economics, specializing in the field of marketing and econometric modeling. Külli is currently working as a project manager in TNS EMOR and throughout the last 15 years, she has gathered a lot of extensive experience in area of media research.




Sem Schubak works as a sales director in Sisäsoumi, one of the largest printing plants in Scandinavia. And keep in mind, Sisäsoumi is not just your ordinary printing house where they print weekly A4 leaflets. Sisäsoumi is actually one of the only places, where your wildest direct marketing prints come alive. If you want your customers to receive unprecedented mailings which they can rip, scratch, fold, hang or tear apart in a custom way, then this is the place to make it happen. And Sem Schubak knows exactly how. We can guarantee you, that Sem's presentation makes you to look even your own mailbox with a whole new level of hopes and expectations!




Priit Kallas is a founder andcreative director of DreamGrow Digital. His daily schedule is full of strategic planning, product development, marketing and advertising matters, and of course - meetings with lot’s of partners and customers. And no wonder, because Priit has been actively involved in many giant internet marketing projects for way over 15 years by now. Priidu has always been linked with online marketing in his daily work, helping Estonian companies to achieve the best results possible, when it comes to e-commerce channels.

Priidus portfolio is packed with successful marketing projects for brands like EMT, Nordea, Elion, Eesti Energia, If Kindlustus, Peugeot and many-many others.




InterDirect Network


InterDirect is a network of over 32 independent Direct Marketing specialists, with a proven record in their own markets and shared interests in providing each other and the clients specialist help and advice on local and cross-border direct marketing. The InterDirect network was established in 1988 with a small number of direct marketing agencies that had clients with something in common.

By sharing specialist knowledge and resources, IDN provides its clients an unparalleled base of international direct marketing expertise and knowledge.

Each agency will provide you with local market knowledge and insights. But collectively, we can harness a co-ordinated international approach to provide integrated solutions across creative strategy and database implementation.

We also take a flexible attitude to client needs. Rather than offering the rigid, centralised structure that is often a feature of other networks, we provide our service in a way, which is sympathetic to your local market needs.

To achieve this, our agencies run in parallel to your national or international offices. So whether you want to use us as a centralised network, or prefer to develop your campaigns on a bespoke basis, country-by-country, with varying levels of activity and input, we can provide you with an approach tailored to your needs.


Estonian Post


The main activity of Estonian Post Ltd. is the provision of universal postal services. Estonian Post has the best-developed service network in Estonia with around 400 structural units for serving customers all over Estonia.

Estonian Post offers nearly 90 types of services. In addition to traditional postal services such as mail, parcels and periodicals, which belong to the field of Postal Services Divisjon, Logistics Division focuses its activities to both international and domestic courier services, and is also developing warehouse and transportation services.

In order to become the best service enterprise in the postal business, Estonian Post continuously improves their technologies to launch new direct marketing solutions and e-services to offer more and more integrated, tailor-made solutions to it’s customers.


Direct Group Advertising Agency


Direct Group Advertising Agency is a full-service advertising agency with a range of well-respected clients, international contacts and lots of extensive experience. Direct Group Advertising Agency is a member of ERAL (Estonian Association of Advertising Agencies) and InterDirect Network (International network of independent direct marketing agencies).


If I don’t attend this conference, will I regret it?
Yes. Probably. No, Most certainly. You should be ashamed of yourself!
Attending this conference makes me more valuable to my company, right?
Well… We can't guarantee you an instant raise if that's on your mind… But if you keep your eyes and ears open, then you will probably get it in no time!
How can I get involved in the conference?
By attending. Its that simple actually. No hidden strings. None.
But I don't know anyone from advertising and marketing business… Do I have to sit there on my own?
Well, no! And we can assure you that you will make some new friends during the conference, so don't be afraid to join in!
Will I get to chat with some important people?
Yes. Sure! You can ask them questions during the conference and we'll have plenty of time to chat after the conference as well.